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Indian food is enriched with all kinds of regional cuisine! You cross a state border and you will encounter vibrant flavours like no other. One such cuisine that doesn’t get enough credit is the Awadhi cuisine. Associated with royal food, the Awadhi cuisine holds strong roots in Lucknow. It has rich influences of Mughlai, Punjabi and Kashmiri cuisine. There is heavy use of a slow-cooking method, or what Indians know as dum cooking, in this cuisine. Biryani, kebab, korma and more, such decadent and lip-smacking dishes are part of this royal cuisine. If you have been curious about what Awadhi food tastes like, then we have brought to you the recipes of some of the best Awadhi dishes. 

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Here’re 5 Best Awadhi Recipes You Must Try:  


1.Kakori Kebab (Our Recommendation) 


This popular Awadhi kebab takes pride in its texture. With the use of raw papaya as a meat tenderiser, this kebab is bathed in a host of spices that makes it so delicious. The fine, soft and smooth texture of the kebabs just melts in the mouth.  


Click here for the full recipe for Kakori Kebab.  


2.Awadhi Gosht Korma  


A popular Lucknowi delicacy, this dum (slow-cooked) preparation of mutton focuses on the meat and embraces the delicate spices to give this decadent korma. The creamy gravy of the Awadhi gosht korma is enriched with yoghurt, rose water and spices.  


Click here for the full recipe for Awadhi Gosht Korma.  



3.Awadhi Mutton Biryani  


Who doesn’t love a plate full of biryani?! Cooked in the royal Awadhi style, this recipe of biryani shall offer you a burst of flavours like no other. The masalas of the mutton are absorbed by the rice, making it taste delicious.  


Click here for the full recipe for Awadhi Mutton Biryani.  




This mutton stew is another slow-cooked delicacy from the Awadhi cuisine that is quite popular! Traditionally, tender pieces of mutton are bathed in aromatic spices and cooked overnight to get the delicate flavours of Nihari.  


Click here for the full recipe for Nihari.  



5.Shahi Tukda  


This decadent dessert is quite a lavish treat. Shahi tukda is a bread pudding that is decked with rabri, dry fruits and nuts. All you need are bread, milk, sugar and dry fruits and you can prepare this Awadhi dessert at home.  


Click here for the full recipe for Shahi Tukda.  


Try out these Awadhi delicacies and tell us which one is your favourite in the comments section below!  

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