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Bigg Boss Marathi: Contestants Warned To Play By Rules or Get Zero Prize Money

The recent episode of Bigg Boss Marathi 3 showed the top 7 contestants fighting it out in the most-awaited and interesting task ‘Ticket to finale’. The task began on Monday and saw heated arguments among the contestants. The show is all set to wind up on December 26. After the eviction of Gayatri Datar, the top 7 contestants, including Jay Dudhane, Vishal Nikam, Vikas Patil, Sonali Patil, Mira Jagganath, Meenal Shah, and Utkarsh Shinde, are in the final task.

In Monday’s episode, Bigg Boss warned contestants to play the games according to rules or risk it all and get zero prize money.

On Monday, housemates were seen enjoying the birthday party of Bigg Boss. They celebrated Bigg Boss’ birthday. Later, the housemates were given a unique task and they were asked to distribute the winning amount of 25 lakhs among themselves.

Bigg Boss gave 7 plates to 7 contestants with a distributed amount mentioned in bold on each plate. The seven plates had amounts of 12,50,000, 6,00,000, 3,25,000, 1,50,000, 1,00,000, 50,000, 25000. Bigg Boss ordered all housemates to distribute the amount among themselves. They got into a verbal spat while distributing the amounts as they all gave themselves the value of 12,50,000.

Bigg Boss announced that he is upset with the contestants fighting over the amount and asked them to quickly decide. After a few minutes of discussion among themselves, Vishal and Meenal started distributing the amounts of 12,50,000, 6,00,000 to each other. The other 5 contestants shared their disapproval of this decision. Vishal and Meena were hence forced to withdraw the decision.

Bigg Boss again asked housemates to give a firm decision on the distribution of money appropriately.

“If you all fail to decide on money distribution, the prize money would be 0,” Bigg Boss announced.

All housemates later distributed the money unanimously to avoid any such situations where the winner is left with nothing.

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