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Bigg Boss 15: Tejasswi Prakash’s Emotional Side Makes Her Both Weak and Strong in the Game

Twice in the Bigg Boss house till now, Top 5 contestants have been picked out of the lot. Once by the media who were invited for a press conference recently and before that when choreographer and director Farah Khan arrived on the reality show. Both times, Tejasswi was in the running for the trophy. This in itself is proof that she is playing the game well and has become one of the highlights in this season.

Moreover, Tejasswi is entertaining and knows how to make bonds with people inside the house. As Bigg Boss completes its first half, we analyse what Tejasswi has done right in the show to get noticed and what are her chances of winning it.

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1. Tejasswi’s bubbly personality has been a winner on the show. She has managed to keep Karan Kundrra, one of the strongest players in the game, close to her and they both have added the ‘team’ flavour to the show. They meet eyes on almost all the issues and are practically inseparable. In one of the episodes, they even admitted to liking each other and ‘TejRan’ hashtags are viral on social media. Her popularity is increasing by the day and Tejasswi has proved her loyalty to Karan and the viewers that no matter what the circumstance, she will not cross the people who are close to her. She has also not shied away from showcasing her vulnerable and emotional sides, which is commendable.

2. Not just Karan, Tejasswi has maintained friendships with other housemates as well. Umar took her to the VIP Zone and Vishal is also close to her. She also has bonding with Nishant and Pratik even though they are on different sides most of the time. She has not been able to match her frequency with Shamita Shetty only and even she respects her opinions on various matters.

3. Tejasswi is always seen participating in important house matters like kitchen, ration and cleanliness. She is clear in her thought process and articulate in expressing her opinion when it is required. This makes her stand out from others who are often seen grasping thoughts as they speak.

4. One of the negatives in Tejasswi’s personality is that she appears a bit of a brat sometimes. This is a negative quality to possess, but she tries to keep that side of her to a minimum. Her condescending tone was also corrected by Salman Khan himself and she did well in understanding her shortcoming and was seen working on that aspect more.

5. Tejasswi’s game is interlinked with Karan’s and that hampers her progress as the game has continued. Though fans love to see them together, emotional attachment makes her weak in difficult situations and a romantic inclination further holds her back in the game.

All in all, Tejasswi has winning qualities and deserves to be one of the top contestants. But will she win the show? Only time will tell.    


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