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Bigg Boss 15: Kashmera Shah Says Someone Sent Her Pics of Rakhi Sawant’s Husband Ritesh’s First Wife

Kashmera Shah has sparked debate by claiming that a person has sent her a picture of Rakhi Sawant’s husband getting married to someone else. Photos went viral on Twitter where Rakhi’s husband Ritesh can be seen in traditional groom attire in one photo. Next, he is with a woman and a child which is his rumoured family.

“OMG, someone just sent me a picture of the so-called husband of Rakhi being married to someone else. Has he lied to Rakhi? He better not have fooled her because he will have to deal with me when he gets out. Oh, poor Rakhi. I hope this news is not true Bigg Boss Rakhi Sawant,” wrote Kashmera on Twitter.

Netizen had mixed reactions to the controversy with one user saying that the news is true and there is also an interview of Ritesh’s first wife available on the Internet.

Another claimed that Rakhi already knew about it and even discussed the same in Bigg Boss 14.

Some even claimed that Ritesh is just a common man who is acting to be Rakhi’s husband just for the sake of the show.

Earlier, Kashmera had lashed out at Ritesh on Twitter for ill-treating Rakhi and even said that she felt like slapping him for the way he behaves with Rakhi. “Will someone please tell Ritesh to talk nicely with Rakhi Sawant I hate the way he talks to her or responds to her. Feel like slapping the stupid out of him. Rakhi ain’t stupid. Only her taste in men is bad I guess Bigg Boss Colors TV,” wrote Kashmera.

In an interview with Nation Next, a woman Singdha Priya claiming to be Ritesh Singh’s wife said that back in 2017 Ritesh beat her up badly and inflicted injuries on her over a minor issue. After that, she claims that she would have died that day if she had not left the house.

Snigdha further affirmed that she last met Ritesh in 2019 when he had come to Navada, Bihar and they both went sightseeing.

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