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Bigg Boss 15: Angry Shamita Shetty Pushes Rakhi Sawant; Latter Demands Her Eviction

Shamita Shetty gets into physical fight with Rakhi Sawant on Bigg Boss 15.

Rakhi Sawant and Shamita Shetty lock horns during the ‘Ticket to Finale’ task on Bigg Boss 15.

As the reality show Bigg Boss season 15 inches closer towards the finale, contestants are seen indulging in ugly fights and intense arguments. In the recent episode, housemates Rakhi Sawant and Shamita Shetty found themselves in a noisy argument. The episode saw Rakhi alleging that Shamita had pushed her implants causing her discomfort.

Following this, Rakhi met with an aggressive Shamita who countered the allegations with her arguments. The rowdy battle of words began during a task. When Rakhi, staying loyal to Devoleena Bhattacharjee, backed her up and said that she had touched the egg first. Even though the housemates said otherwise, Rakhi maintained her stance and said that while Shamita put the egg in the pit; Devoleena touched it first and that is why she has emerged as the winner.

Nishant Bhat, Rashami Desai, and Shamita expressed their disagreement with Rakhi who remained adamant about her decision. Rashami and Shamita also advised Rakhi to not be Devoleena’s puppet. With the ongoing disagreement, Nishant expressed his irritation and started screaming that he could not play when everyone was cheating. Pratik Sehajpal also tried to convince Rakhi that she should not support Devoleena, however, her obstinacy was not going away and she ordered everyone to not question her time and again. Rakhi reiterated that she had made her decision and will not be changing it.


This is when things escalated and Shamita was seen in a turbulent war of words with Rakhi. Rakhi and Shamita indulged in a stare-down contest, each asking the other to back off. At one point Shamita can be heard saying “Rakhi Sawant, mere upar mat chadh (Rakhi do not climb over me)” to which Rakhi replied that Shamita should back down as well. Shamita is seen pushing Rakhi away which triggers her. Rakhi starts screaming and alleges that Shamita pushed her implants. The dancer goes on to demand Shamita’s eviction from Bigg Boss 15, citing that she physically assaulted her.

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