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Bigg Boss 15: 5 Reasons Why Jay Bhanushali Is Wasted Opportunity on Show Despite His Popularity

Bigg Boss 15 is half-way through this season and in the past couple of weeks, the housemates have started to show their true potential. After repeated warnings from host Salman Khan, the participants let go off their pretentious selves and brought out their real personalities as the game got more and more interesting with the introduction of VIP and non-VIP zones and few other tasks. Now, as the game goes into its second half, all eyes will be on the weaklings and the ones who truly deserve to be in the game and have a good chance at winning the Bigg Boss title.

Talking of contestants, Jay Bhanushali was the first housemate to be introduced by Salman in this season. It was expected that Jay would win hearts on the show like he has with his previous stints as reality show host. However, things turned out to be very different. Not only has Jay failed to impress the audience, he has been unable to form a close bond with anyone inside the house. This has singled him out in the crowd and not in a good way. We take a look at five reasons why despite all his popularity, Jay remains a liability on the show.

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1. Over conscious of image?

Jay is a family man and has never been in the eye of controversy. On Bigg Boss, he appears to be taking a stand on issues that are important, like violence or verbal abuses, but as situation progresses, he mellows down and tries to distance himself from such things and people. Jay was always away from Afsana, owing to her breakdowns and verbally abusive behaviour, then he also distanced himself from Pratik, Umar and Vishal. Many a times, he is seen observing things and arguments from a distance and does not get involved in matters important to the house. His stand is not clear and mostly it happens because he appears a bit conscious about his ‘good guy’ image. Even Salman got him to speak on this issue.

2. No relationships in the BB house

Jay has not been able to form a bond, of friendship or enmity, with any housemate. Thus, he is not anyone’s priority when it comes to giving out advantages. He is always lurking in the corners with Nishant but apart from him, he shares no clear bond with any housemate. This makes him invisible in the show and when it comes to making teams for tasks, his contribution is restricted and his loyalty remains a matter of concern for all.

3. Jay seems classist

Jay seems a bit classist. On various occasions, he has spoken rudely to Vishal Kotian for his background but he himself does not spare the use of bad and demeaning language. He has distanced himself from Pratik as well since the start, calling him ‘badtameez’ or ill mannered but he himself crosses boundaries at times while speaking. The way he distinguishes between himself and the others is very apparent since the beginning of the show.

4. Easy to manipulate

Jay is very easy to manipulate. Since he is desperately looking for bonds inside the house, Nishant and Karan have been seen ‘using’ him for number strength of a couple of occasions. When dust settles, Jay is often seen complaining about how he never expected such treatment or decisions from ‘friends’, but the fact remains, he was just blinded by trust in others so much that he chose to conveniently ignore any warning signs even if it appeared to him.

5. Confused between mind and heart

The only episode which one needs to watch to understand that Jay’s heart’s is not in the game and somewhere else is the one where Diwali gifts arrived from the housemates’ respective families. Miesha gave away Jay’s gifts to him and lost the opportunity to become house captain and save herself and Jay further in the game. Jay was very insistent on getting those gifts while many chose to scrap theirs for the purpose of the game. This may seem an emotion driven situation at first instance but he would have looked stronger if he would have saved a friend and not played with the heart here. At other instances too, he has gone with his mind when he should have listened to his heart.

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