Being Called a Plant Murderer? Gardening Tips to Turn Into a Proud Plant Parent

When the global pandemic forced us to spend the entire lockdown period at home, then most of us either learned cooking, started the weight loss journey, or brushed up on an old hobby. But few turned into gardeners, and why not? After all, plants bring life to the very spot they have been grown.

However, now our work from home days are over, and sadly many of us are being tagged as plant murderers because we are not able to devote time and care to the plant that we used to earlier. Today we bring you a few tips to keep your plants alive even without spending your entire day in your garden.

Start slow

If you are a beginner in gardening and can’t spare many hours then you must begin with hard to murder plants like money plants, snake plants, and aloe vera. These plants don’t need much attention, for instance, they don’t require to be watered daily, and they can even survive being inside the house.

Place it near sunlight

Even if you are an in-house plant parent, keep the pots near a window or balcony, whichever is the best sunlight spot in your house. But you must be aware that excess sunlight can burn your plants, so protect them during the scorching heat.

Keep an eye on the water level

While watering is one of the most important things for your plants, you must keep a check on the water level in the pot. This is because your plants can die even if you water them. Good thing is that your plant will always give you a signal if something is wrong with it. Keeping an eye on the leaves is one of the best ways to ensure the overall health of your plant. If the soil is wet then skip watering.

Destroy weeds

After a certain time, you will observe completely new and different leaves in the pot, they are called weeds. Weeds are known to be the garden killers, and you must destroy them ASAP. This is because they have the caliber of suffocating the original roots of your plants, harboring pests, and stealing away the nutrition of the main plant.

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