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Bappa Lahiri Shares Father Bappi Lahiri’s Last Words to Him; Says ‘He Kept Calling Out My Name in Hospital’

The ‘King of Disco’ Bappi Lahiri left for heavenly abode on February 15, 2022, leaving a huge void in the music industry. While the legendary musician’s demise came as a big shock to his family, Bappi Lahiri’s son Bappa Lahiri still breaks into tears while speaking about his relationship with his beloved father. In a recent interview with ETimes, the late singer’s son Bappa opened up about the last words of his father to him.

Bappa who resides in the US, talked about the last time he visited India to meet Bappi Lahiri. Bappa said, “I had come in April 2021. I was going back in July, he said ek mahina ruk jao, then it was my nephew’s birthday and he said aur ruk jao, then it was my son’s birthday and then mine – every time he held me back. I don’t know if he knew… but he kept stopping me from going back.”

“When I eventually left on December 3, I told him that it would be he who would be coming to the US soon. But after a couple of months, he was admitted to the hospital. While in the hospital, he kept calling out my name. And I was making plans to come to India,”he added.

Sharing the last conversation with the legendary singer, Bappa said, “He had told me that humko bahut kasht hoga if anything happened because he loved us so much. I think kasht unko bhi bahut ho raha hoga because he was so attached to us. Words fail to describe what kind of a father he was. I am sure he is somewhere here listening to us.”

He concluded by saying, “He hadn’t ever been admitted to a hospital before his illness. But he fought very hard. Life will never be the same again for us.”

Born Alokesh Lahiri, Bappi Lahiri is credited as a pioneer of synthesised disco music in Indian cinema during the 1970s to 1990s with songs like ‘I am a disco dancer’, ‘Jimmy Jimmy’, ‘Pag ghunghroo’, ‘Intehan ho gayi’, ‘Tamma Tamma Loge’, ‘Yaar bina chain kahan re’, ‘aaj rapat jaaye to’ and ‘Chalte Chalte’, among others.

Bappi Lahiri last worked on “Ganpati Bappa Morya” in September 2021. He gave the music to the devotional song, voiced by the US-based Indian singer Anuradha Juju Palakurthi.

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