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Azma Fallah: I’m Most Upset None of the Men on Lock Upp Tried to Stop Zeeshan’s Physical Assault

Azma Fallah and Zeeshan Khan get into an ugly fight in Lock Upp

Azma Fallah, who entered the reality show Lock Upp as a wildcard contestant, emerged as one of the finalists of the show.

Azma Fallah is now a known name in Indian households, all credit to her stint in the web reality show, Lock Upp. She entered the captivity-based show as a wildcard contestant and emerged as one of the finalists. During her stay in Kangana Ranaut’s jail, Azma was one of the top newsmakers. From taking banters with co-contestants to keeping the audience entertained with her curious questions, Azma was a full dose of entertainment.

Recalling the bitter-sweet memories of Lock Upp, Azma, in a recent interview, shared that she was extremely hurt as none of the men in the house stopped Zeeshan Khan’s physical assault on her.

Azma got into a number of fights in the Lock Upp jail and made several personal remarks on her co-qaidis. However, her quarrel with Zeeshan went a level higher. She was subjected to physical violence following which Zeeshan was ousted from the show.

The 23-year-old told ETimes she can never forget the physical assault and calls it one of the “horrible incidents” of her Lock Upp journey. “I am most upset that none of the men or the boys of the show stood up for me or tried to stop Zeeshan Khan’s physical assault. They let it happen and I can’t forget that and it was one of the most horrible times of my Lock Upp journey. I would never do something like that to my enemy. I would never want it to happen with anyone. It was the saddest and bad day of my Lock Upp journey,” she said.

Keeping this aside, Azma terms her Lock Upp journey “Atyachari and Badass.” The young star said that she is going to miss everything about her journey as she has enjoyed every bit of her stay. “Lock Upp has been my life’s best time,” she added.

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