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Ashish Vidyarthi Opens Up About ‘Periods of No Work: ‘Before the Pandemic I had Zero Films’

After shining as Bollywood’s famous villain, actor Ashish Vidyarthi has recently started his YouTube channel and frequently shares food and travel vlogs on it. Now, in an interview with Hindustan Times, Ashish has opened up about capturing his journey through vlogging, his acting career, and more.

Talking about his decision to start a YouTube channel, Ashish said, “It began with restlessness.” The actor said that he thought his restlessness will ease up as he grows older. But, Ashish insisted that even after turning 56, he still finds himself to be restless.

Interestingly, although Ashish began vlogging only recently, he had started making videos while travelling, back in 2004.”Wherever I travelled, I’d like to include what I was seeing and I didn’t want to be outside as well,” Ashish said.

It was during the lockdown that Ashish discovered vlogging and explored its different aspects. For Ashish, vlogging was something where he could be just himself. Unlike theatre, Ashish said that cinema requires one to behave in a particular way. The actor said that initially he was very uncomfortable in the film industry when people told him not to interact with everyone. But, soon Ashish realised that he wasn’t comfortable “doing that stuff.”

Ashish not only entertains his viewers by sharing food and travel vlogs but also engages in motivational speaking. Talking about this transition from being a villain to someone who motivates and spreads positivity, Ashish highlighted that actors are often put in a box. However, he also asserted that he refused to comply with that which helped save him from being typecast in the film industry. He further underlined his versatile and remarkable work in more than ten languages and emphasised “I have never seen myself caged.”

Sharing the ups and downs of his acting journey, Ashish admitted that in his career spanning 30 years, he has witnessed phases where he was left with no work at all. On the other hand, Ashish said there was also a period where he worked continuously and had enough projects.

He told HT, “Actors’ careers move. There are times when we have an abundance of work and there are times when there is hardly any work. In a 30-year-career, having done nearly 240 films, I have seen periods of absolute, continuous, daily work as well as periods of no work. Actors don’t always choose how their careers move. It all depends on what is offered, what can be done. In fact, there was a period about five years back much before the pandemic that I had zero films. I didn’t face the camera for two years. When the pandemic struck, people said work stopped. I had seen it before that. All actors have seen. People call you and you are at home and they ask ‘shooting cancel ho gayi hai?’ and somebody like me would say ‘I have no shoot’,” he says.

He revealed that just five years before the pandemic hit, he had zero offers and did not face the camera for two years. Now, Ashish said that he has multiple projects in the line and so he would stop vlogging or delivering motivational speeches.

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