Aromatherapy: These Indian Fragrances Will De-Stress And Calm Your Mind

Stress is a common phenomenon, which is experienced often by each one of us, but have you ever come across a scent that might calm you a bit? Many studies prove that aromatherapy carries several benefits in terms of wellness and stress relief. Many researchers have given the conclusion that aromatherapy does indeed have an effect on your brainwaves and can drastically alter your behaviour.

But not all scents have an equal or similar impact on physiology or behaviour. Some Indian scents can help in uplifting your mood, and arousing your emotions. With that being said, let’s dive into a list of Indian fragrances that will help you in de-stress and rejuvenation:


Well known as the sweetest smelling flower, the beautiful fragrance of Jasmine carries antidepressant properties. It is extremely helpful in elevating the mood above all the clutter and disorganisation surrounding it. It is also known to induce sleep, which is why the scent of jasmine is widely used in hair oils.


Rose is one of the most preferred and popular fragrances in the world. But rarely have you been informed about the benefits of its fragrance, which relaxes your mind and body, fights anxiety, and relieves stress. The soft and pungent fragrance of rose or the Indian desi gulab is extremely comforting to mind.


The nostalgic and overwhelming scent of sandalwood promotes better sleep, calmness and lowers the levels of stress. Often, the fragrance of sandalwood sends Indians in the nostalgia of their childhood home. Recognised by its fragrance of earthy nature, sandalwood is a widely used scent in perfumes, globally.


Otherwise called as oil of tranquillity, the vetiver’s fragrance is deeply calming, and balancing. The scent that helps you in keeping your head clear, promotes deep sleep and relaxes your mind and body.


Needless to say, the citrus-filled fragrance not just improves your skin, but also calms your mind, rejuvenates your brain, makes you feel energised, and resets your mind.

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