Are you a Vegetarian Concerned About Nutritional Deficiency? We Got You Covered

Several people have this misconception that nutrients can be made available to the body only through non-vegetarian dishes. However, that’s not true. Many vegetarian options can fulfil the deficiency of nutrients in the body for those who do not consume non-vegetarian food. Today, we will talk about the pulses that benefit our health. By consuming them, you can easily get nutrients that are present in meat.

Now be it lentil-roti or lentil-rice, khichdi or lentil-makhani, we all consume pulses in one form or another at least once a day. In such a situation, pulses can be a major source of protein for vegetarians. Some of these contain a good amount of protein. At the same time, many other nutrients like fibre and calcium are found in good quantities in grains like rajma and gram.

Eat tur dal

A good amount of protein ranging from twenty to twenty-five percent is found in tur dal. Along with this, healthy carbohydrates and iron are also found in tur dal. Its consumption helps control high blood sugar levels. Along with that, it is also advantageous in heart diseases.

Include gram in diet

Apart from being a good source of protein, gram is also very beneficial in reducing the problem of hypertension. Along with this, calcium, iron, potassium are also found aplenty in it. By eating this pulse, you can keep your heart healthy. It also helps in increasing the blood in the body.

Gram is a boon to diabetics. You can consume gram in the form of gram flour, dalmoth, paratha or Puran Poli.

You should also include urad dal in your regular diet. It is rich in iron and protein to keep you healthy.

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