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It’s very important to choose good accommodation while planning a vacation. These days there are numerous options available to travellers to choose from hotels, resorts to homestay rentals for accommodation. While selecting a place to stay, all travellers look for safe and hygienic options. Generally hotels are preferred for their amenities and cleanliness standards.

However, have you ever questioned whether these hotels are genuinely hygienic? The hotel staff makes it a point to change the bed linens and clean the bathrooms, but is it sufficient to ensure that the space is hygienic?

It’s crucial to remember that diseases can spread in other ways while you stay at a hotel, such as when you touch the door handles, the remote controls or even the glasses.

Here are a few tips to check hygiene at a hotel room while staying during a vacation.

Check bathroom

Before you arrive, housekeeping staff will make sure to clean your restroom, but sometimes it isn’t enough. But, at times the bathroom may have not been cleaned properly and it may pose health risks for you. Before using the bathroom in the hotel room, splash a mug of hot water on the bathroom floor to check that they are clean.

Don’t use the glasses in the hotel rooms

Use caution while using the glasses provided in hotel rooms. Although they have been cleaned, it is always prudent to run some water over the glass to check for any lingering stains. Sometimes housekeeping will simply remove your glass from the water or even give it a quick wipe with a napkin.

Clean the remotes:

Nearly everyone touches the TV set remote in hotel rooms. The remote is generally not cleaned by the housekeeping staff. To ensure that the remote is clean, use a damp wipe or hand sanitizer. Since these remotes are unclean, there could be a risk of some kind of infection.

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