Apple Agrees To Pay $20 Million Compensation To iPhone 4S Users: Here’s Why

Apple has been ordered to pay iPhone 4S users for slowing down their devices after it was updated to the iOS 9 version back in 2015. The lawsuit was filed seven years back, and the company has finally decided to settle the matter. The consumers claimed that Apple had falsely marketed the iOS 9 update to offer enhanced performance on the supported devices, which includes the iPhone 4S.

Apple has agreed to pay $15 (Rs 1,125 approx) to those iPhone 4S users who faced poor performance issues with their units after they upgraded to the newer iOS version back then.

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According to reports, the lawsuit against Apple was filed by a group of iPhone 4S owners based out of New York and New Jersey in December 2015. This isn’t the first time when Apple has been accused of slowing down iPhones.

The company was found to have slowed down battery of other iPhone models in order to coerce buyers into upgrading to newer models. Apple was forced to add battery health indicator for the models, allowing people to see how their iPhone’s battery is behaving over time.

You might say that iPhone 4S is a really old model now, and for the complainants to receive $15 as compensation hardly makes a dent in Apple’s coffers. But such verdicts bring closure to the consumers, and their faith in the justice system to give them reprieve is further strengthened.

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Since the lawsuit was filed in the US, we are not sure if Apple is going to offer similar payment to those who bought the iPhone 4S in other markets, and upgraded to the iOS 9 version.

As for those who are eligible for the payment, Apple is likely to setup a website where they can sign up with their iPhone 4S IMEI number to claim the money. Apple offers longer software update timelines than most manufacturers in the market.

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While that has been always appreciated across the world, incidents like these make you question if the compatibility is really worth the effort for the company.

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