Andrew Symonds Dies: Cricketer Knocked Down Pitch Intruders, Chased Them Away | WATCH

Screengrab of Andrew Symonds knocking down pitch intruders.

Not once but twice he tackled streakers and made quite a name for himself; his well-built body being an advantage.

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Andrew Symonds died on Sunday following a car crash. The 46-year-old will be remembered for his outstanding fielding as well as his batting skills. Moreover, the burly cricketer also lived up to his reputation of being the one who would take down the intruders. Not once but twice he tackled streakers and made quite a name for himself. His well-built body only helped him. The cricketer was found dead after his car spun off the road. This was a major shock to cricket fans all over who had heard the tragic death of Shane Warne in March.

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Coming back to the first incident, which happened in 1997, an intruder ran into the middle as he wanted to collect one of the bails during the domestic One Day Cup final where Queensland were up against Western Australia. Although, he didn’t expect this but Symonds spotted him and charged toward the man to take him down. Although he failed to get a hold, the man was so terrified that he ran away from the ground. Watch the video:

The second time he took down a streaker was in 2008 CB series game against India. The man, who was later identified as Robert Ogilvie, made sure that he gets into the middle running naked as fast as possible and then he ran into Symonds. The cricketer was at the non-striker’s end when he spotted Ogilvie and gave him a mighty push that knocked him down. The whole world watched on TV and realised that Symonds was not only street smart, but a street fighter as well. “Well that streaker could have done some injury to Andrew Symonds because he seemed to run straight at him, and all of a sudden, he was on his back,” legendary commentator Richie Benaud had said on air about the incident.

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The larger-than-life Symonds was hugely popular, not only for his hard-hitting approach to the game but also for his easy-going personality. He was widely considered one of the most skilled all-rounders Australian cricket has seen and was a key member of the team that won back-to-back 50-over World Cups in 2003 and 2007.

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