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Actress Vijayalakshmi Meets Son After 3 Months, Her Reaction Will Melt Your Heart

In the video it is seen Vijaylakshmi’s son Nilan sleeping.

Vijayalakshmi spent 91 days away from her son for the show Survivors.

Actress Vijayalakshmi Ahathian recently became the winner of the first version of Survivors, which aired on Zee Tamil. The actress won a major chunk of votes from the jury and became the winner. Vijayalakshmi had also been awarded a cash prize of Rs 1 crore. After facing the most excruciating conditions with a lot of will power and determination, the actress emerged as the winner of this show. The actress spent 91 days without her family. Vijayalakshmi shared a video on Instagram giving a surprise to her son as she returned to Chennai.

In the video it is seen Vijaylakshmi’s son Nilan sleeping. The actress went besides Nilan and woke him up lovingly calling his name. The boy woke up to see his mother beside him. The heart melting video was then followed with Nilan cuddling her mother. Vijayalakshmi was so emotional as she embraced him that she burst into tears. While crying, Vijayalakshmi told him that she had won. One can certainly understand the situation of the actress as she had to spend 3 months away from her son in the toughest conditions. Vijayalakshmi wrote in the caption that she has waited for a long time to hold her son in arms. The actress also expressed that she had desperately waited for the moment to look into Nilan’s eyes and tell him about her win.

Survivor Tamil is an adventure show based on the Swedish reality show Expedition Robinson. The show was created in 1997 by Charlie Parsons. In this show 18 contestants had been sent to a secluded island where they had to perform difficult tasks in the most gruesome circumstances.

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