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As part of an education programme, Animal Water Bowl Project released its second song ‘Animal Lifestyle‘ on August 5, 2022. With a strong belief that music can stir souls, the team came up with a song to spread the message that motivates viewers to be more responsible with respect to animal welfare and rights.

The song on the theme of Effect of Urbanization on Animals is out on YouTube in Telugu, Hindi and Instrumental versions. It seeks to spread the message of love and care for stray animals. Their first song ‘Humans’ was released in on August 15, 2020 in Hindi, Telugu, Kannada and Tamil.

Lakshman Molleti’s Animal Water Bowl Project (AWBP) addresses the need to provide clean drinking water for birds and animals throughout the year. The animal lover’s concern for birds and animals on the streets during summer made him come up with the water bowl project. 

Says Lakshman, “Rapid urbanisation has become an alarming problem for animals. The adverse effects can be seen even in rural and forest areas. As an animal welfare group, AWBP Trust wanted this song to create awareness on the effect of urbanisation on animals.” The song is supported with videos of animals in urban areas and having to suffer constantly due to lack of safe water and food.”

Lakshman says, “Water is a basic necessity for living beings; it is a vital food for animals and birds. Among animals, a lack of drinking water leads to health challenges such as dehydration, skin infections, fever and viral infections. Through the song, we highlight the plight of these animals with a hope of making everyone show compassion to the animals.” 

While Lakshman wrote the song in Telugu and then got it translated to Hindi. The songs are sung by Shreyas Dharmadhikari and Vignesh G. The instrumental support is given by TV Sukanya on violin, Sivaramakrishna K R on kanjira and Ashish Venkateswaran on flute.

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