A Bowler Needs to Be Brave and Confident in Shorter Formats Like T20, T10: Adil Rashid

The advent of T10 cricket and the employment of unconventional shots are throwing fresh challenges at the bowlers and England leg-spinner Adil Rashid feels they will have to be brave and confident enough to stand up to the task. Rashid is turning up for  in the ongoing edition of Abu Dhabi T10.

“It can be difficult because in this day and age you are playing on smaller grounds, flatter pitches and bigger bats. Batsmen are hitting the ball further so they can be a bit difficult especially if you get hit for a couple of games in a row for sixes and fours. It can play on your mind,” Rashid said.

“But the most important thing as a spinner is to maintain that confidence knowing that you are a match winner, you can change the game in 3 or 4 or 5 balls by getting a key wicket. The you need to prepare well at nets, working on your variations like googlies, slides, etc, and prepare yourself mentally as well.” Rashid has become a key player in England’s limited-overs scheme of things over the last couple of years. The leg-spinner has also made a name for himself by playing in several leagues across the world.

On how a bowler is accepting the challenging nature of T20/T10, he said, “In these formats of cricket, you are going to get hit, that’s the nature of the game not just spinner but also fast bowlers and whoever you are, whether you are the world’s best or whatever. “Everybody in T20 cricket does get hit as as a bowler. It’s just how you accept that knowing that you are going to try to get wickets and you got to put your head around that.” Rashid was part of the England team that played in the recently-held T20 World Cup in the UAE.

Asked about the challenges of bowling to batters playing unconventional shots in the shortest formats, he said, “This day and age now, the shots that people are trying to play the ramp shots over the keeper, the reverse, switch hits, it is a challenge for bowlers.

“If a batter reverse sweep off one ball, then he comes down the pitch next ball, then he hits it over the keeper. It’s really hard to bowl to and that’s why it’s a lot harder plus the pitch I reckon are much better and the grounds are smaller. But yes, it’s very entertaining for the crowd to see a batsman play like that.”

Rashid said it’s very hard to say what is the key to bowling well in shorter formats. “As a spinner it’s about making sure you have confidence, you be brave, how your game plan is sticking to that.” He is also confident about Delhi Bulls winning the title this season.

“The coach Andy Flower has good experience and captain Dwayne Bravo is one of the best T20 players ever and we have got Eoin Morgan the best captain going around. So,there is a bit experience around and hopefully we go out there and enjoy ourselves and we can come on top.”

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