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No matter how much we love rainy season, the skin problems that arises in the monsoon are not to be ignored. From itchy scalp to oily skin, we face many troubles in this season. If you are also suffering from skin troubles, then take a look at these tips and get glowing skin, come rain or shine.

Pollution, heat, humidity, and UV rays cause many kinds of damages to the skin. Problems like dark spots, skin tanning, pigmentation, and dryness arises are common. In the monsoons, the skin needs special care and it is very important to keep your skin hydrated. The use of excess amount of moisturizer can also cause problems like sweating and pimples.

Skincare tips for rainy season

Use of sunscreen

Sunscreen helps to protect skin from damages caused by harmful UV rays. Using sunscreen with at least 30 SPF protection has been considered the best for the skin. Sunscreen also works as an anti-aging solution.


During the rainy season, there is more sweating due to humidity. As a result, people start reducing the use of moisturizer. However, reducing the use of moisturizer makes the skin dehydrated. Use gel-based moisturizers that are easily available in the market. The skin will be hydrated after their use.


Sweat, pollution and excess use of makeup blocks the pores of the skin. This causes the problems of pimples and acne. To make the skin clear, one should exfoliate once or twice a week.

Changing facewash

While we prefer to use the facewash that suits our skin and we rely on the same for years. Using the facewash with same components for long can cause many problems. Using same facewash during monsoon can cause the skin to lose moisture, as a result, the skin becomes dry. Facewash should be changed according to the season.

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