4 Foods To Pair With Curd For Health Benefits

There is a reason why we all love curd. Cooling, soothing, nutritious and light, a bowl of fresh and creamy curd is one of the simplest comfort foods to have in summer.

Regular consumption of curd in summer helps cool the stomach. Curd is also good for our bones. The calcium in it strengthens our teeth and nails. Taking curd regularly keeps our muscles working properly.

Consumption of certain ingredients in curd reduces many diseases. Curd is rich in calcium, protein and vitamins. It also contains lactose, iron and phosphorus. These are very good for our health.

Let us now know the benefits of adding curd with other food items.

Curd and Cumin: If you have a problem with digestion, add cumin powder to curd and consume it. It will have two benefits. First, the curd will be filled with taste and it will improve digestion. Not just that, eating curd is beneficial in conditions like vomiting, stomach pain, and nausea. We can also use cumin powder to make raita, which is good for our health.

Black Pepper with curd: Everyone knows how beneficial curd is in our weight loss journey. If we want to lose weight in a short time, we should eat black pepper powder along with curd.

Curd and honey: Honey, mixed with curd, is an excellent antibiotic. It is said that in the problem of ulcer, curd and honey work as a brilliant remedy.

Curd with dry fruits: If your bones are getting weaker and your body is in pain, you should eat dry fruits mixed with curd. For this, take a bowl of curd and add cashew nuts, almonds, walnuts, raisins and figs and eat it daily.

Curd is one of the most effective foods to rely on in the summer. It helps hydrate our body, keep it cool and boost the energy level at the same time.

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