11 Trends Flipkart Expects from Smartphones in 2022

Smartphone sales in India continue to remain strong amid the pandemic, as the demand for all-in-one, affordable computing devices remains high. Despite the shortage in the chip industry, the adoption of smartphones has been tremendous all over the world, and OEMs continue to make their devices better at different price points. Flipkart has also shared its phone trends for 2022, just days after announcing winners of its 2021 Mobile Awards. Here’s what to expect from phones this year as per the e-commerce platform.

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1. The company expects 2022 to be a “breakthrough year for budget smartphones,” as more advanced chipsets are entering the market. Notably, old and powerful chipsets will also start featuring in budget smartphones. “New generation of 5nm chipsets will be widely used to make smartphones much faster and more power-efficient,” Flipkart expects.

2. More 5G phones will enter the budget segment. Last year brands like Realme, Samsung, and Xiaomi started introducing affordable 5G phones. In 2022, we may see more devices in the Rs 10-15K segment.

3. Phones with AMOLED displays are expected to grow. The display panel offers vivid colours and deeper blacks.

4. Similarly, Flipkart hopes that gaming phones will become more common this year. Smartphone markers can explore higher refresh rates, physical buttons, and attachable mods.

5. Recording video in 8K is still not very common; however, it won’t be long before this video resolution becomes the standard. It is said the next iPhone series may support 8K video recording tech.

6. Similarly, battery tech may also see a huge improvement. We are already seeing smartphones with 120W fast charging support that can charge up the battery in less than 20 minutes.

7. Flipkart also suggests, “Lighter, slimmer, and more compact phones will be on the rise.”

8. Technologies including foldable and expandable will be disruptive in the smartphone segment. Understanding the requirement of consumers, brands are democratizing their approach and developing new phones with different form factors to become more accessible and affordable to everyone

9. Another area smartphone makers can explore is concepts such as under-display cameras. It can essentially offer a full, uninterrupted edge-to-edge display.

10. Additionally, we may start seeing phones under Rs 30,000 with techs such as optical image stabilisation and 144Hz displays.

11. “Premium experiences will now be getting more affordable and accessible, with features including the Bokeh effect in the budget-friendly smartphones,” Flipkart expects.

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